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Marina Boca Chica
David, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama, Central America

The Chiriqui Marine Center
Boca Chica, Panama, Central America
Latitude 8º12.5' N Longitude 82º11.5' W


Floating Dock Sales

Marina Boca Chica will feature a floating dock system made in Panama.  These floating dock sections will be constructed with fiberglass decks and use commercially available float drums.  We estimate that this technology will allow for a 25 year minimum life-span.

Additionally, these floating docks will feature built-in cable tray for water and power with access from above, and a “squeekless” hinge system that allows for moderate articulation with wave action.

 Dock sections will be fabricated at 19.5 feet in length and can be configured to any width.  

 Hardware available:  Mooring Cleats

                                    Piling Hoops

                                    Piling guides

                                    Hinge mounts (for finger piers and between sections)

                                    Power centers                                 

The photos shown are of the first proto-type dock section that was produced using our new fiberglass deck material.  More photos will be posted as the product matures.


 We plan to offer front-end estimating, engineering design, assembly and construction services.  For further information  and a cost estimate please contact us.

Marina Boca Chica
David, Chiriqui, Panama, Central America
Phone: (011) 507-6609-0852

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